The Ultimate American Road Trip – Three Essential Cities to Add to Your Itinerary

Posted on Jun 21 2019 - 9:30am by Editorial Staff

For erstwhile adventurers and those with a sense of wanderlust, an American road trip is often included on the list of dream destinations. Doing everything bigger and better, the good old US of A knows how to make its mark on the world, so it’s no surprise you’d want to see it up close and personal. 

But where to go when you follow in the footsteps of those before you and hire a campervan? With so many fantastic cities for travellers to discover, it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are three that should make the cut no matter what.    

San Francisco

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San Francisco is one city that all visitors to America must see. Known for mesmerising Chinatown, colourful cable cars, and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, it has plenty for tourists to do, and it’s a perfect place to begin a road trip. That’s because it lays along the Pacific Coast Highway, making it an ideal starting point for driving from San Fran itself all the way across to LA. This journey takes you through sleepy seaside towns like Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, before trailing the rugged coastline of the Garrapata State Park. Here you can stop to see wild sea otters up close, while also admiring the beautiful beaches along the way. It may not be the quickest avenue to get from A to B, but it’s definitely the most enjoyable.   

Las Vegas 

You can’t visit America and not visit Vegas. The City of Sin is an oasis of glitz and glamour amid the barren desert wilderness surrounding it, and it has plenty to keep you occupied. Dedicated to pure enjoyment, its casinos are a wonderland of dazzling debauchery, where you can make the most wonderful memories to remind you of your road trip. When you’re done, head out onto the Las Vegas Loop to see the American West in all its glory, and visit everywhere from Monument Valley through to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Although Vegas itself might be the highlight of your trip, you’ll want to see the wilds of Arizona and Utah too. But a word of warning in advance: don’t forget your camera, and remember to brush up on your gambling skills beforehand so as not to embarrass yourself. Directory sites like, for example, are the ideal place to find an online provider and pick up some pointers before you fly out.  


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San Francisco and Las Vegas are dream destinations for any American explorer, but so too is Chicago. If you’re hoping for a glimpse of the Deep South, this is the place you need to start, and it doesn’t disappoint. You’re best to begin in the Windy City itself, famed across the country for its culinary and music scenes, before heading down to St Louis. From there, you’ll want to go south to Memphis, the home of rock and roll and site of Graceland – the former home of Elvis Presley himself. The further you travel, the more you’ll come to witness the charm and gentility of the south and the unparalleled friendliness of its locals. Your final stop should be New Orleans, foodie paradise, night-time wonderland, and the perfect place to end the trip of a lifetime.            The United States is a great place to explore, because there is so much to discover and experience while you’re there. An eternity wouldn’t be long enough to see its every wonder for yourself, but this list offers you a great place to start. Work it into your itinerary to organise a trip you’ll remember forever.

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