The Sector Capitals Of America

Posted on Feb 3 2015 - 8:58am by Alexandra Ashton


If you are looking for a job you can’t ever know actually how long it will take. You will need to consider a search for a job as a job. You will invest so much of your time into this search that will feel like a real job. In which sectors are you searching for your job? If you are searching for a job in HR, Non-Clinical Healthcare or Supply & Logistics sectors, your job of searching might become a little less hard. These sectors are growing as the economy recovers which means they are in need for new employees.

If you got all the skills needed maybe you’ll be one of these new employees. Did you know that the healthcare industry offers more opportunities other than dealing with patients? There are a lot of jobs in healthcare industry that are non – clinical. Yes, this means that you won’t have to deal with needles or blood. Did you know that Jacksonville in Tennessee is a place to be when searching for a job in non – clinical healthcare industry? Jacksonville is number one capital in non – clinical healthcare with 2,890 employed, closely followed by Indianapolis in Indiana.

Industry hub for Supply & Logistics sectors is Los Angeles in California with employment number 3,810. But capital cities around the US in sector of Supply & Logistics are Houston in Texas, Chicago in Illinois and Charlotte in North Carolina. Houston definitely offers you better opportunities with 1.05 employment per 1,000 jobs compared with 0.97 in Chicago. Not only that you will have a better opportunity to get a job, but you will have a better salary with annual mean wage of 109,450 US dollars. That is over 20,000 US dollars higher than annual mean wage in Chicago. Check out this helpful infographic to find out more interesting statistics about the HR, Non-Clinical Healthcare and Supply & Logistics Capitals of America.


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