The Psychology Of Driving Distractions (Infographic)

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 10:14am by Alexandra Ashton

It is better late than never! Yes, surely it is. Rule number one for safe driving is drive slow and with your eyes fully open. Don’t drive if you are depressed or thinking about something because it may takes you to the thoughts from reality and you would be history in no minutes.

Therefore, drive safely and that’s the entire theme behind the infographic you are going to read. It would be very useful for the drivers of all ages since it provides different kinds of information regarding dos and don’ts of driving. Don’t miss the infographic because it has been specifically created for all of you with care just to make you more careful.

Being careful means you need to be more concentrated and focused on the roads instead of your surroundings. Keep your eyes straight on the roads and keep checking your sides as well. Make use of side and back view mirror frequently to check the flow of traffic. Drive slow and safely for your own sake. The infographic focuses on things that are for your own safety that’s why do read it with concentration as well so that you can practice the steps in better way.

When it comes to focusing on the road, you should know that you can only focus if and only if you are not distracted. Read this infographic to get a clear picture of what distraction is and how it affects your driving. There are mainly two types of distractions and they are internal and external distractions.

Internal distractions can be your eating habit, your cell phones, your grooming habit, your tiredness, your day dreaming habit, your drinking habit, your children, your pets and your passengers’ conversation. External distractions can be other accidents on the road, billboards, other drivers and anything outside your car that may distract you.

To know about all of these distractions you need to read this interesting infographic that amazingly highlights the small factors that can create big problems for you, your loved ones and others around you.


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