The Practical Realities Of Splitting From A Long-term Partner

Posted on May 17 2019 - 11:47am by Editorial Staff

Short-term breakups can often be much more straightforward: there are no joint assets, no shared group of friends to deal with and less at stake when it comes to emotional impact. It’s for this reason that splitting from a long-term partner can be incredibly challenging. However, by approaching the practical aspects with a relatively level head, you can help make the process less complicated and, hopefully, less painful.

Legal proceedings

If you’re married to your long-term partner and live together, you will likely need to begin legal proceedings. However, sometimes this is not necessarily set in stone when it comes to approaching the matter. If you are both on good terms and are just co-habiting in the short-term to maintain some financial stability, you may not wish to split your finances just yet. It’s at this point when a Mesher order could be of particular use to you and your ex-partner.

A social change

Chances are, if you’ve been in a relationship with someone for more than two years, you will have a group of mutual friends. One aspect of a breakup that can be the hardest on each party is the sudden social change that may have to occur temporarily, or permanently. You may find your social life taking a more low-key profile, or you may have to arrange meet-ups carefully, so you’re not both present. Informing your friends and being level-headed means that you will help to lead a mature and pragmatic approach to socializing.

You will surprise yourself

If you have both parted ways in unfortunate circumstances, you might be currently feeling a multitude of emotions, some of which might include hurt and anger. However, no matter how bad the hurt, you might surprise yourself by how forgiving you are. Realizing that you are capable of moving on from relationship trauma and painful periods can be a rewarding moment in its own right. Acknowledging that you have been the bigger person and that you can healthily and happily move on is something you should be proud of.

On top of this, you will surprise yourself by your ability to undergo the full process. When you first split from your partner, the idea of finalizing your split might feel almost impossible. However, you will also surprise yourself by your strength to get through it. Negotiating who will take the children on the weekend, who will move out their belongings by when, the period of time it will take to find new accommodation are all difficult processes, but you will manage to negotiate them successfully – and that’s no mean feat! There are specific realities to any separation, with the most practical being the moving of possessions and final legal decisions. However, some of these practical aspects might surprise you. In order to complete a separation, you will need to find it within you to be pragmatic, forgive and move on – all of which might be incredibly difficult. Reward yourself for your strength to move on, and you’ll be surprised by just how much you’ve achieved.

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