The Key Benefits Of Pursuing A Doctorate Degree

Posted on Jul 30 2018 - 1:38pm by Editorial Staff

Are you considering a doctorate degree? Perhaps you are already pursuing one and are questioning your life choices? Regardless of the option that best applies to you, this article is a reminder as to why you should pursue or continue to pursue a doctorate degree.

Firstly, a doctorate is the highest form of degree. The pros of pursuing it are plentiful, and these individuals hold big roles in businesses as well as in the educational systems. No matter your preferred industry, whether IT, healthcare, physics or something else, you can become an expert in that specific field. In addition to this, obtaining this degree helps you grow a thicker skin and obtain a high paying job at the end of it. These benefits will be expanded on below, starting with how to choose the right school.

Start by choosing the right school

Before you pursue a doctorate degree, you must choose your preferred type and school. In order to effectively make this decision, you can weigh the pros and cons of choosing one, and weigh it in relation to your career goals. Do you aspire to obtain a Ph.D. or an Ed.D? A Ph.D. will require you to continue honing your research skills even after graduating. An Ed.D, however, is classroom-based work as opposed to outside, and your work will involve solving problems in the educational systems. For instance, if becoming an Ed.D expert on the educational system is your preferred end-goal, the New Hampshire Doctorate of Education focuses on exactly that. Choose your school based on the doctorate degree you wish to achieve.

Growing thicker skin

While pursuing a doctorate degree, you will be critiqued and spend countless nights questioning your life choices until you finally graduate. Due to all of this, your mental capacity will grow, but most importantly you will learn to grow a thicker skin. When you present a research proposal, you will have several people there who will poke at your ideas and find all of the loopholes they can.

Becoming an expert in the field

A doctorate degree is the highest form of expert knowledge you can obtain. You will be named an expert, and have a framed paper that backs this fact up. Have you ever wanted to truly impact an industry? Given the role of a doctorate degree, you can do just that. Your breakthrough may not happen right away, but already you will be well on your way with each day that passes where you continue to teach, problem solve and complete your research. Your intellectuality will peak with this type of degree under your belt.

Obtaining a higher paying job

The countless late hours and years of hard work will finally pay off when you obtain that job you have been waiting for. Those who graduate with a doctorate degree are able to get the best and top-level positions, given, as mentioned previously, their level of expertise. This means that the career opportunities and income associated with it are higher than someone who only finishes a bachelors and even a master’s degree, and for some, these factors are what drive people to succeed. Although money isn’t everything, it can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and the activities you can do. You can rest assured that by obtaining a doctorate degree you are employed in a high paying job. 

You can obtain a doctorate degree in any field of your choosing, so it is up to you to choose the one that fits your strengths and will assist you in achieving your career end-goals. As mentioned throughout the article, pursuing this type of degree will only aid your career. After all, who doesn’t like being qualified as an expert in their field? Now, you have a certificate to back up the claim.

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