The History And Benefits Of Custom Awards

Posted on Jan 22 2020 - 7:09am by Editorial Staff

Custom awards have been around for a long time, andunderstanding their history can be helpful when you’re trying to implement an awards program at your organization. The right kind of custom award sends a clear statement on the value of the achievement it’s meant to celebrate. The right kind of award also elevates the status of the organization or individual presenting it, as it indicates the time and effort that went into its creation.

Societies have always found ways to reward those who make outstanding contributions or otherwise go above and beyond their required duties. Some of our earliest examples of awards come from conflict: In ancient Rome, victorious soldiers built stone columns and arches after battles and wars. In Greece, victorious armies constructed trophies using the armor from the losing side.

A quick search of the web will show you more about the history of custom awards. All civilizations, no matter how ancient, developed ways to honor their people, whether it was through physical objects like awards or special occasions like festivals and ceremonies.

Over the years, handing out awards has remained an important part of society, and the creation of custom awards has become its own industry. Designers and manufacturers have gone the extra mile to provideconsumers with countless options. Awards can now be crafted from materials like metal, glass and wood, among others, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

If your organization is giving out custom awards, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind as you decide how the awards should look, what they should say and what sense they should convey. You can find numerous tips to help you get the look and feel of the award itself right, but there are four deeper items you should consider while crafting the perfect piece:

1) Company name

Custom awards are tailored to fit both the needs of the organization presenting it and the individual receiving it.Your organization’s name should be somewhere on the award, along with the name of the recipient. Think about how you want your organization’s name to be displayed, and where the honoree might keep the award – on a shelf, on their desk or possibly in its own display unit. Your company name will be visible for all to see, so ensure that its appearance matches up with your branding style.

2) Communication 

Custom awards are designed to communicate feelings of admiration and gratitude – often far more effectively than simple words. The message that you want the award to convey should be immediately recognizable. Shape, color and size are some of the design elements that will help you pass the intended message along, along with the material used and the type of engraving you request. 

3) Professionalism 

Corporations that pay attention to the type of awards they give out are regarded as highly professional – a thoughtful custom award suggests a company is equally thoughtful in how it handles everyday business. If your organization is holding an awards ceremony, then custom-made awards will help you make a statement about your inner operations. 

4) Identity 

Custom-made awards also help the company stand out from other businesses in the same sector that may not offer their employees anything. It’s good to be known as a company that rewards your exemplary employees; you’ll have more people who want to work for you, and in some cases may receive media exposure for the work you do. 

Acknowledging the recipient’s excellence isn’t just about making the individual and your organization look good. Rewarding a high-performing employee has benefits that go far beyond the creation of a nice-looking trophy for a desk.

Some of these benefits include: 

Improved productivity – Showing your appreciation for workers is a great way to encourage them to keep up the excellent work. Employees who feel valued are motivated to do better work and increase their output. 

Retention of top talent – It is common for the best employees to shift jobs if they don’t feel appreciated. Custom awards give employers a chance to recognize and appreciate their top-performing employees, which will help keep these talented people within the organization.

A more collaborative workspace – Your employees come with varying skill sets, and identifying and rewarding them for what they are good at creates a sense of community. 

Profitability – Increased productivity and the retention of top talent elevates the profit levels of a company – but happy employees who are recognized for their good work will also work all the harder for the organization. 

Final Thoughts 

Custom awards have a long and varied history, and they’re as important to the average workplace as they were to ancient Olympian victors. Your organization can reap numerous benefits by providing awards to top staffers, but you must be intentional about the design, size and material used. The branding should also in line with that of your organization. Above all, make sure the recipient knows how much their outstanding work matters – in the end, that’s at the heart of the custom award.

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