The 4 Secrets No One Tells You About Effective Graphic Design For Websites

Posted on Oct 24 2014 - 8:10am by Jeff


Most of the time, when we engage the services of a graphic design expert, we have very high expectations. Unfortunately, most so-called graphic designers disappoint. Of course you may not be an expert but you can tell what is good or not, and you can even tell when someone is taking advantage of you. When approaching this expert, what you want is to succeed online but you end up getting less than what you bargained for.

The worst part is that you may have spent so much on this service. It is hard for you to go back and look for another designer because you may be afraid of a repeat of the same scene. The good news is that you landed on this page written by a graphic designer who has seen and heard it all. Allow me to put your heart at rest.

Let’s explore some secrets that no graphic designer wants exposed

Secret 1: Pretty matters less

As much as you may want your website to look nice and all, it is important to acknowledge, right from the word go, that good looks are not what brings in sales. What you should be worried about most is the content of your website. This content, which includes graphics, should guide your web visitors to take the action that you need them to. So, do not focus on the best graphics, but the message that they send out.

Secret 2: There is no need for a redesign

Here is an analogy to explain this: If you want to attract a member of the opposite sex, you may ask a hair stylist who will tell you to get a great cut. Ask a make-up artist and he will tell you to get a makeover…and if you ask a confidence coach, well you know what he will say. The same applies with a website graphic designer. Instead of going to a graphic designer, look for an expert who can examine several aspects of your website. This should be the person who gives you the exact problem with your website and probably suggest a wholesome solution.

Secret 3: Don’t spend a fortune

Unfortunately, the graphic designers’ world contains many who are more than willing to charge you exorbitant rates. Instead of going for them, simply set your budget and look for a graphic designer who can work within it while also not compromising on quality.

Secret 4: Branding is a special skill

It may shock you to know that most graphic designers are not skilled to develop brand identities. Most are just good at developing graphic designs that somehow reflects on your brand identity but only if you have supplied them with the important details to allow them to capture this. Most will just assume what you are about, your target market is and all these assumptions end up killing your brand.

Now that you have the four secrets, it is crucial that you ONLY employ the services of a graphic design professional that has an all-round expertise in web development and SEO.

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