The 5 Common Reasons Why The House Is Not Selling

Posted on Feb 17 2015 - 7:03am by Joel Cordle


If you are planning to sell your home, then be prepared for a lot of stress and anxiety. The question that you will most likely be asking is for how much you can sell the house. After a while, you’ll begin to lose confidence and think when you will be able to sell the house. Ultimately, you’ll end up doubting yourself and begin wondering if you will be able to sell the house at all.

In most cases, it isn’t entirely your fault as there are plenty of factors in play. However, there are five key points that you should consider when you are entering the residential real estate market.

Price Range

One of the biggest reasons why your house isn’t selling is the price. In most cases, you are probably overpricing it which makes it difficult to sell. No matter how good your agent is, they won’t be able to sell a house that is obviously overpriced. Buyers will compare your house to other properties that are on the same price bracket but will probably have better amenities and value. Carefully check the price range of other properties and adjust your prices accordingly.

Real Estate Agent

While it is true that the price is the biggest determining factor, sometimes, you just need a slightly better agent to push the deal through. There are literally thousands and thousands of real estate agents in the market and all of them have difference in their skill sets and varies with how they interact with potential buyers. There is never the perfect real estate agent but you can probably get the best one that suits your needs.


You might think that the house décor doesn’t play much importance when selling off a house but it is actually a very big factor that may or may not cause the house to be sold. Every buyer will have their own respective tastes so it is impossible to get the perfect look for the house. However, if you can make it look appealing and enticing enough, people will take a second look at it and will be intrigues by it. All in all, it is important to make the house appeal to the buyers.

Condition of the House

If the house is poorly maintained, then no matter how good it looks or how appealing the price bracket is, it will look way below its real value no matter how hard you try. Also, buyers are hesitant to buy a house that they will need to work on later. In most cases, it is better to fix up the house and add that to the cost than to simply the house as is and keep the price low.

Location, Location, Location

This is one of the most popular mantras of the real estate industry and is one of the hardest things to address. You simply can’t pick up and move your house to a better location so you will simply have to wait this one out. If you are selling a house that is in a pretty bad location, don’t expect to sell it off after 3 days. Sometimes, you may even have to cut back the price just for it to sell.

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