The Dos And Don’ts Of School Uniform

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 8:04am by Alexandra Ashton


Do you show any interest when choosing the school uniform or do you let you mum make all decisions? If in the morning you just put the uniform your mom has prepared, you are making huge mistake. You wear your school uniform for eight hours in a day and you should care how you look in it. Your school uniform should get as much attention as rest of your clothes, or even more.

Actually it’s not hard to look good in your school uniform. There are couple of easy rules and advices that you should follow which will make you life easier. These rules will help you now but also in the future. You don’t want to constantly buy new shoes so you’ll want to choose quality shoes that will last. It’s better pay more now that to constantly buy new ones.  That will cost more in the end. You should try matching the colour of the belt to your shoes.

You will look more attractive if you are in style. Girls will surely notice. Belt will also stop your trousers going to low. Let’s face it. Nobody wants to see your pants. You should try buying tailored trousers. They should sit at your natural waist level to look good. It’s always better to have well fitting clothes than the one that just hangs from you.

To find out which is the right size of the shirt put your finger between the collar and the neck. If you can comfortably fit one finger between you’ve found perfect shirt. If you can’t breathe, the shirt is too small. Two fingers? The shirt is too big. Finding the non-iron shirts will make your mum life a lot easier. There is couple of more advices you will want to know so read this helpful infographic.


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