The Cotswolds – Think It’s Boring? Dig Deeper

Posted on Feb 12 2014 - 9:48am by Charlie Burrows


When people hear about the Cotswolds, I’m surprised to hear that some think that it’s a boring area to visit. This is simply not the case and I’m here to stand in favour of one of the most interesting, beautiful areas of the UK. I’m fighting the corner and going toe to toe with the naysayers who have a skewed impression of this great holiday destination.

Cotswold Falconry Centre –Moreton-in-Marsh

Birds. Not everybody’s cup of tea admittedly but it’s one of those things that you don’t think you are going to enjoy but yet it’s strangely fascinating. Our everyday lives probably in most cases, don’t consist of interacting with nature that much and so to be able to see these beautiful creatures up close is a privilege. Re-opening in February 2014 through to mid-November, obviously they are closed in the Winter but upon re-opening, the centre showcases these amazing species in full flight demonstrations. The free flying bird of prey demonstrations are impressive and it’s not like these are average birds you see pecking at your rose bushes at home. On a clear summer day, it’s a great trip out for the family.

The Screening Room

Who says just because you are visiting the Cotswolds that you can’t have fun? Or that you have to be cut off from the “outside” world? The days of going somewhere in England and not having internet access or at least a form of communication available are long gone (unless of course you really do go to visit a hut in the middle of nowhere, but it’s not recommended). So although it’s not the most obvious choice when you go on holiday, visiting the Screening Room is a real treat if you are a movie-lover.

With ultra-comfortable leather chairs and table service, it creates a top-notch cinema experience with excellent customer service. They charge more than a standard cinema ticket but they are offering a “premium” cinema experience and ultimately, when compared to supposed VIP seat tickets you can pay for elsewhere, it’s a great deal. For those looking to see a film without the screaming kids or noisy youths who are there just for a laugh, they restrict entry to those 18 years of age or over after 5pm. So if you fancy doing something different and trying a one-off experience at the cinema, The Screening Room is definitely a pull in the Cotswolds.


In South Cerney, you can find beautiful lakes and trees but what people don’t know is that you can find one of the biggest adrenaline rushes available in the Cotswolds. Water skiing, wakeboarding, cable skiing, whatever you want to call it, it is great fun. With a team of experts on hand to help with tutoring on handling and safety, it’s a great day out for all of you active adventurers. With group bookings available and an on-site BBQ it’s a perfect way to spend a hot summer day in the Cotswolds. WM Ski offers a professional facility with skilled cable skiers on hand to advise you and make sure you enjoy your day. So if bird watching isn’t your thing and you are not big on films, take a trip to South Cerney and mess about on the river!

Cattle Country Adventure Park

In Berkeley, the Cattle Country Adventure Park is a wonderful trip for the whole family, if you have kids in particular. Offering a play castle, train ride into the middle of the park and a host of activities including climbing nets, mini golf and falconry showsit really is a great day out to keep the children entertained. Expectations can vary and some families have reported being unimpressed but the best time of year to go this type of park is in the summer months. Be sure to take a camera because the animals on display are plentiful when they are not far off grazing (which can happen towards the later part of the year).

Prescott Shooting School

Who doesn’t love shooting things!? Ok, it’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but we are talking simulated shooting here. No birds were harmed in the making of this attraction. Clay shooting is exciting and it’s quite a skill so it’s obviously not for the little ones but if you fancy something different and want to get your heart pumping then this is the way to go. The simulated games are very cleverly done and with food laid on throughout the day and thousands of clay being pumped into the air, it’s great value. Never fired a gun? It doesn’t matter. You will be tutored first and before you know it, you’ll be calling “pull” in your sleep!

Photo Credit/Source: Wikimedia Commons/Flickr/Saffron Blaze

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