The Care Home Of The Future (Infographic)

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 10:59am by Alexandra Ashton

While the world keeps aging, it’s possible to notice an increase in the number of citizens that are concerned with their physical, mental and cultural states, making it a daily battle. The elders are claiming more space in society, which is a normal evolution when you take into account that they are now a much bigger group than they were just a few decades ago. Just imagine that in 2050, the population with more than 65 years old will grow up to 90 percent.

This is why we need change and evolution in the health and professional care fields. These changes might result from the current technological advances that helped increase the life expectancy, but it’s also important to put science and the positive effects of technology and science to the service of this demographic fringe. So, why not think about the care home of the future? That is exactly what this infographic will help you do, showing you the type of new features that could be adopted by the care homes in countries like the United Kingdom. From a robot-butler that will attend your every need to a 3D printing center where the elder people will be able to get new glasses or prosthetic limbs, almost everything will be possible.

With more and more seniors representing a growing portion of the population, the society and the authorities need to attend these transformations, caring about their protection and welfare. It’s necessary to bear in mind that we have the ability and the responsibility to integrate this layer of society and that can be done with a little help from technology. It’s a matter of providing all the right tools to create a happy old age. Of course, it will be different for everyone, but who will say ‘no’ to a smart toilet or a “magic carpet”?!

The Care Home of the Future (Infographic)

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