The Amazing Benefits Of Mini Drones Have For You

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 5:26pm by Editorial Staff

Mini drones have become so popular lately because of their many uses. Whether you’re a starter or pro in flying drones, you cannot deny the advantages these small technologies have added to creating better footages and images.

Numerous companies have invested in designing drones as the demand gets higher each year. Everyone has their own trick and features on what their drones can do. Continuous advancements are still in place to deliver better, more efficient but smaller drones.

If just bought or planning to buy one anytime soon, here are some of the benefits, features, and interesting facts about drones that might help you enjoy your new toy.

Uses of Mini Drones

  • For military purposes. This small but advanced piece of technology has been in service for many military operations and defense operations in many counties across the globe. They are used for surveillance ops to get into constricted, narrow, and small spaces that humans cannot get into. They are also used to detect bombs and other explosive devices, allowing ops to save lives.
  • For Film Making. Aside from military operations, professionals in the film and journalism industries have found the benefits of using drones in filming movies and news broadcasting. As the matter of fact, most of your favorite TV shows, series, and films were shot using drones. Film makers can get better view of the whole scene when they are captured from above, especially the landscape. Since renting a helicopter is too expensive, film makers opted to using quadcopters instead. They are cost effective, efficient, and produce better footages.
  • For Journalism. Mini drones have also eased the jobs for journalist and news reporters. They can easily broadcast aerial footage without sending people up in the air. They can also cover news even from restricted places where it’s too dangerous for actual people to go.
  • For Science Purposes.In the past, archeological surveys, geographic mapping, monitoring wildlife and weather forecasting are done manually. Organizations usually survey the area while riding a helicopter and manually take photos of the area. When satellite photography took place, they became easier. However, you cannot get the actual and real time photo of the area as satellite photos are not always available and clear. Science has benefited with the use of smaller drones. Explorers can easily get the aerial view of a place and see what actually takes place there, real time.
  • For Travel and Documentation.If you are into travel and you want to document the beauty of the places you have been to, mini drones are the best companion you can bring with you. This equipment allows you to get the best shots from above and any nearby places. Most drones today are so small that it cannot catch attention or bother people around. Since they are quiet small, they are also easy to fly. You can get the best aerial shots without weathering the heights.

Benefits of Mini Drones

Compact.Since they are quiet small, you can bring your devices with you without worrying of bulky baggage. Some of these devices are barely the size of your Smartphone. They are handy and can easily fit to your hand carry luggage.

Easy To Use. It does not require you to take a course to learn how to fly a drone, although there are short courses offered to muster this skill. You can watch online tutorials or simply follow the instructional manual to begin your lesson. Expect regular crashes and inexperience landing during the first series of tries of flying.

Professionals advise beginners to purchase entry level and cheap drones first for their first flight trials. Since ninety percent of first drone flights ended up crashing, it is better to save your money buying high ends and pricey ones when you’re good enough.

Clear footage. Small drones do not come with low-key cameras. Companies designing drones attach high-resolutioncameras into the device to be able to capture clear and vivid images from the distance. This is why they are often used

Versatile for Outdoor Use

Small drones are very durable for outdoor shoot like photography, videography, and other coverage. They are built to endure sun and rain so you don’t have to worry about weather condition during flight. One of the main features of small but functional drones is their durability and ability to endure any weather. Rain or shine, you can still enjoy travel with family and friends.On the other hand, you should consider flying your drones during fair weather to ensure safe flight and better footage.


With everyone almost getting to learn how to fly a drone, the demand gets even higher each year. This means that manufacturers are pressed to lower their products’ prices to compete in the market. This results to more affordable drones available for starters and professional drone fliers.

Real Time Footage and Accessibility

One of the main features that drone users enjoy with their equipment is its ability to deliver high quality footage real time. Most drones are operated by a remote control while others can be operated using your smartphone. Yes, you can connect the device on your smartphone. This also means you can see the actual images or scene from a distance on your smartphone.

Which Mini Drone is For You?

The type of activity you are planning to explore determines the kind of drone for you. Aside from price, you need to consider your purpose for the equipment. If you are planning to use if for professional services like wedding videography, journalism, and other related fields, it is better to invest on better quality products with high resolution camera, longer battery life and shorter charging time.

However, if you have just started learning how to fly and planning to use your drone for personal documentation like travel, you can start working on good quality but not too pricey equipment. As it was mentioned earlier, the risk for a crash or multiple crashes on your first flight is too high. You don’t want your pricey drones get crushed during those trainings. But if you don’t mind, by all means, buy the most high-end ones.

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