The 5 Best (Free!) Apps For Students

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 1:23pm by Carolyn Heintz


Summer has come to an end and the kids are gathering up their backpacks, pencils, and (of course) their phones to head back to school. Make sure they use their phones for more than texting (and help them stay organized) by downloading this five free apps to make this the best year yet.


This simple app acts as a digital student planner; it allows you to upload your class schedule and assigned work and automatically sorts/color-codes by date to keep you organized. You can also insert additional information like tests and quizzes or teacher info. The best part is that a notification will appear as the due date approaches.


Quizlet is an awesome study tool that comes with six different “study modes” that range from digital flashcards to practice tests. You can track your progress over time and can even share with other users for study groups.


Give your back a break with this super convenient eTextbook app. With over 7,000 textbooks available, you are likely to find the books you’re looking for—you have access for six months and can even add notes/highlight text for study purposes. The best part is that the books are generally half the price of physical copies.


Whether you are a visual or listening learner, this app has the note taking tool that you need. You can make notecards, record audio snippets, take pictures and even share notes with others to keep you organized. It’s awesome to have all of this knowledge right at your fingertips.

Study Mode

Addicted to Facebook? Well put that addiction to good use by temporarily transforming it into a study platform. In “study mode” you are connected with other students, teachers, and field experts who help keep you motivated to keep working and answer any questions you might have.

Technology is often considered a hindrance to learning and productivity, but with these apps, it can actually be an incentive for better organization and more effective learning.

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