The 4 Big No Nos Of Online Business Marketing

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 1:35am by Julie Robert


Running an online store is a tricky business; you cannot settle with a few techniques and expect to survive the cut throat competition. While trying to attract more potential customers, businesses overlook the importance of making online shopping a wholesome experience for their buyers. It should always be remembered that selling a product is not the same as winning a client. Only fair practices can help you earn a strong presence, wider clientele and most of all, returning customers. Some of the mistakes that can strangle your online business are discussed below.

Big Claims, Limited Information

It is neither easy nor appropriate to sell something by making mere big claims about the product with no facts confirming them. It is the customers’ right to know details about the items they intend to buy. Since internet only offers a limited number of ways to show what the product looks like, you should utilize them fully. Offer various images of the product, show it from inside out, include a description about its material, size, usability and lifespan etc. The more you make it close to any regular physical shopping experience for your prospect client the higher are your chances of closing the deal. Making big claims about your product and offering little information to your client is blowing your own trumpet and no one likes that.

Unjustified Additional Cost

Other than delivery cost, you can hardly convince a customer to pay an extra amount and even if he does end up doing so, he would not be very happy about it. Annoying a customer can mean losing him for good. In case you think it is justified to charge service fee, do not save this information for the checkout page. Fair play actually pays off and in case of online business, the reward can be as big as becoming a noble name in the industry through the word of mouth alone. To avoid being overcharged and make reliable business contact, many businesses pick to deal through reliable B2B sources such as Wholesale Pages and save much of their time.

Social Media Misuse

Many of us get to read and hear about how online business have made fortunes by utilizing social media and fail to pay enough attention to how they actually did that. Being interested in others marketing and promotion ideas will not threat your ideology of being unique and exclusive. A little inspiration will only make you more creative and apt at doing what can actually work for both you and your business. While operating your company’s social media profile, you have to especially be careful since Facebook now too has less tolerance for spam messages and inappropriate content. Getting aggressive with free promotions through social media can go against you in more than one way.

Desperate Conversion Attempts

It does happen quite frequently that the buyers change their mind about making a purchase from you just when they are a click away from checkout. To convert them, should you act desperate? Or let them move around the web and come back to you? We know how choosy we all are when it comes to reading stuff online and popupsare especially annoying as they hardly help any visitor. It would be good on your part to not burden your prospective clients with annoying popups, especially when they have chosen to leave.

By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes, you can be sure of making things simple and easy for your existing and prospective clients. As a goodwill gesture, you offer little discount to regular customers through a personalized email, since exclusivity is the best thing you offer to your customers. The efforts exerted to make your clients feel special go a long way in retaining them.

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