Ten Weird Facts About Miami

Posted on Oct 11 2013 - 3:34pm by John Murphy


You may think you know a lot about Miami, Florida, but the list below may contain some info you didn’t know about this city by the sea on the tip of the United States. Whether you’ve been a lifelong resident or you’ve been thinking about going for a while now, some of the items below may surprise you. If not surprised, you’ll at least think some of them are a bit odd.

  • What’s in a Word? –  The name of Miami comes from the Tequesta word Mayaimi, which roughly translates as “sweet water.” The Miami Nation was a tribe of Native Americans – and still is on reservations – primarily out West.
  • Sunscreen Perfection – Benjamin Green, a WWII veteran who had experimented with sunscreen during the war is from the Miami Beach area. He went on to add coconut and other ingredients to come up with modern sunscreen.
  • Miami Accent – The city does have a distinct accent if you listen closely. This is closely tied to the large Hispanic population in the area.
  • Miami Vice – The city of Miami has been the location for a slew of movies and television series, including Miami Vice in the 1980s.
  • Miami Vices – In addition to the show about drug smuggling, the city also has a long history of dealing with drug problems because it’s so close to South America.
  • Swamp Land – Miami Beach actually used to be a mangrove swamp. After being developed, it’s become one of the world’s premiere beaches.
  • Female Power – Miami is the only major American city to have been founded by a woman. Julia Tuttle was a businesswoman who owned most of the land that would become the city of Miami. She convinced the railroads to come all the way down to Miami, which helped it grow considerably.
  • Pirate Treasure – The area that is now Miami was once visited by legendary pirates like Blackbeard, Gasparilla, and others. Treasure has been found in and around Miami. No one is sure if any still exists. This doesn’t stop people from looking.
  • Architect’s Paradise – The Art Deco District of Miami has over eight hundred examples of the Art Deco style all in a single geographic location. For those who love architecture, this is truly a paradise.
  • Melting Pot – The city of Miami is truly a melting pot. Over a hundred different ethnicities reside in the area – speaking over 50 different languages. This is one of the things that make Miami so vibrant and colorful in a good way.

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