10 Common Mistakes New Android Users Make

Posted on Jul 4 2014 - 9:27am by Chirag Leuva


Android is world’s most widely used operating platform for mobile devices. Devices powered by Android outnumber devices with all other operating systems combined. Undoubtedly for a new user it offers the largest expanse both in respect of choice of applications and devices. Whether you are just mitigating from another platform or just beginning to experience the platform for first time, there are few common mistakes that you should be aware of. While some of these mistakes are just problems concerning the adjustment to the platform there are others that are more serious in nature and mistakes that can actually make users lose data or make them lose their battery power quickly. All of these mistakes are pretty avoidable with a bit of caution and appropriate knowledge. Here below we will introduce 10 common mistakes new Android users make.

Remember that it is altogether a different platform

In this evolving world of mobile devices it is common to switch between device and platforms. But when doing so many users mentally stick to the features and usability of their earlier device or platform. Remember, between operating platforms functionality will vary to a great extent and so while using Android device get rid of your preoccupations of using another platform like IOS or Windows or whatsoever. Though on all of these platforms you can find the same apps and many similar features, all of them approach the functional tasks differently as well. Assuming that you are using an altogether different platform and device is the best approach for a new user.

Give priority to data security

Mobile devices unlike desktops are made for use on the go. Naturally, while your device screen is visible in everywhere and anywhere, maintaining privacy of information is must. So do not just leave your valuable information left on the screen display for everyone to see. Make sure that the device gets automatically into sleeping mode and gets locked while not in use. Make use of variety of smart lock and unlock features like password, face image, a fingerprint or just a pattern to secure your data. Protect your mails, banking apps and other sensitive apps with crucial data by double protection of two-step authentication.

Do not configure the email account as POP

Many new Android users often complain of their mails disappearing from the device. There is nothing to worry about this. It happens simply because the email account has been configured as a POP account and naturally your device is not being able to store messages on the remote server. To stop the problem just do not set up a POP account and choose any other type of mail account that suits you.

Do not clutter the home screen with widgets

Most Android users initially prefer to find their home screen dazzling with an array of widgets and launchers. While preferring this is not objectionable at all, it quickly makes your device run out of battery. To save battery power and for longer life of battery try to maintain an economy of screen widgets.

Set up your Gmail account on the start

Gmail is no longer just another mail ID but it is the launch pad of an array of Google apps and features that you can seamlessly enjoy on any Android device. So, as soon as you lay your hand on the new device make sure that your Gmail account is set and active. With one Google account you can enter into wider range of apps through Play Store, use Google Drive backups, set Gtalk chat apps, YouTube video app and a lot more.

Be cautious about giving ‘permissions’ to apps

Most apps repeatedly seek permission to use your ‘local’ information, for using your email, for sending push notifications or for sending email alerts, newsletters etc. To what extent you should permit these apps depends on your priority with the application. But make sure no such permission is granted without knowing how far this is going to help you.

Use network features smartly to prevent battery drainage

Battery drainage is a common concern with smartphone users of any platform and so it is with the Android users as well. Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature is off while they are not in use. Network features takes the most of the battery power in smartphones and by smartly using them you can save your battery power to a great extent.

Manage your memory smartly to get maximum from apps

Often the memory space of your smartphone is not utilized smartly enough to assure maximum and appropriate utilization. A lot of apps once continue to clutter the screen even though they have lost their relevance for the user. Except a few of your regular apps of priority download and make use of apps as per your necessity. There are millions of apps waiting at store and most of them are free.

Make use of the flexibility of Android to the fullest

Android unlike other operating platforms is acclaimed for its flexibility and ease. You have greater control on your device with lot of flexible options to choose from. Continue to explore the possibilities that the platform packs inside your device only for a happier experience. With biggest user and developer community Android is getting richer everyday and for users it is always wider horizon to explore.

Don’t forget to update your apps regularly

For better device performance and for latest versions of many apps regular updating is required. Various Android elements can seek your permission for updates with warnings and notifications and give a nod to them for your device to perform better. For checking on updates go to the application manager and see whether any update is available there. Doing this on regular basis you can optimize device performance.

In the time to come Android as a platform will continue to grow stronger and richer to outpace all other mobile platforms in terms of users and user experience. Definitely in coherence to its growth it will also have the biggest share of newbie. It is advised to the new users to stay clear off the mistakes mentioned above to continue experiencing Android to the fullest.

About the Author

Chirag Leuva is a CEO of an iPhone app development company named Yudiz Solutions; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.