Technology Is Revolutionizing Businesses Everyday. Be A Part Of The Change!

Posted on Dec 21 2017 - 5:34pm by Simon Williams

Technology keeps on advancing at a rapid pace. Smartphones came onto the market just shy of a decade ago and now smart technology has transformed the way people interact, communicate and conduct business. Those who don’t adapt face an uncertain future. As a business, it is important to keep the finger on the pulse so that technology can be used in ways to revamp or revolutionise the business. Here are some technologies that all businesses should be taking advantage of.

Wireless multifunction printers

Printers have come a very long way since first being introduced to the commercial and residential market. What was once a standalone item can now complete multiple functions. What’s even better with printing technology nowadays is that hardware to connect computer devices to printers are no longer needed.

Wireless multifunction printers can be setup through any bluetooth or modem device. Commands to print can also be sent from any smart device, unlike traditional printers which require you to send the print document to a connected desktop device.

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Smartphones are a must if you want to take your business to the next level. They are so powerful that they can actually be a portable office that you can access anytime at anyplace. The potential with smartphones are only limited by the applications that you have installed on the device. You can use it to do point of sale transactions, communicate via messaging and remain connected to people at all times of the day.

Additionally, it can be used to create video content and broadcast your organisation to a global audience in a few clicks.

Smart watch

The smart watch is more of a gadget, but it does have handy uses that can help improve business productivity as well as monitor the health and wellbeing of employees within the organisation. Gadgets like the Apple watch come with a plethora of applications that can help people monitor the use of their time and health.

In regards to time, the watch can help people focus on certain tasks throughout their working day and minimise the amount of time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

An additional benefit is how the watch monitors the health and wellbeing of workers. Healthy workers are happier and more productive workers. So the data that is being tracked in the watch can provide insight into employees work productivity.


One of the biggest changes that the world has seen in the last few years is the growing importance and influence of cryptocurrency. These online currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are making a huge mark as people rush to purchase these currencies and use them for transactions, replacing the traditional currency tender that tied to countries national banks.

Cryptocurrencies are based on trust and peer to peer transactions. The fees with cryptocurrencies are far lower than going through traditional banks and credit institutions. The impact is lower costs for organisations and faster transactions, since the movement of money globally can happen within 30 minutes.

Green office designs

This is something that has been overlooked for many years. Companies are benefiting from more sustainable designs that improve the overall aesthetics and wellbeing for people within the organisation. Employees become more productive when they are exposed to more natural light. It also helps to minimise the electrical consumption cost within the building.

Additionally, buildings whose design also incorporates solar technology, water harvesting and thermal control can minimise the business’s and workforce environmental and financial impact.

There are several ways to leverage technology for businesses. The change will inevitably happen. Be a part of the change as soon as you see a new technology trend begin.

About the Author

Simon Williams is the Managing Director of Cartridges Direct. An Australian supplier of printer cartridges. Based in Melbourne, Australia, you will find him enjoying the local cafes and supporting his local football team.