TalentsIn: An Upcoming Talent Acquisition Platform That Aims To Connect Both ‘Talent Seekers’ And ‘Talent Possessors’

Posted on Jan 20 2012 - 9:19am by Editorial Staff

999 times failure awaits the 1 big success”, something that craves deep inside a student, a professional, an individual and many others who dream and aspires to achieve the best through their imagination and determination. However, if they fail to get a top university seals on themselves, it majority wise becomes very tough for them to convince themselves and to the world that they’ve equivalent Talent, with what other competing professionals have.

We have come across on an interesting upcoming platform known as “TalentsIn”. An Indian based startup, TalentsIn, whose primary focus is to connect both Talent Seekers and Talent Possessors on a common platform. The company works on the reverse engineered logic of Talent Acquisition. Talking with company’s CEO Zohdi Rizvi, he stated out the initial areas on which TalentsIn would address.

Initial areas TalentsIn would address:

  • Make the Candidates feel proud for whatever Professional Skills and Talent they possess
  • Give them their Social Profile which carries much more weight than just a CV, which is dynamic in nature and its relevancy and popularity is determined through many intrinsic and extrinsic factors, coded in algorithm.
  • Reducing the number of steps that one has to take to come in limelight. Each small activity will matter a lot on TalentsIn and it will have a direct impact on your profile over the period of time.
  • The conventional job posting and job application will not be seen anymore rather a very unique and very rational way of job application will be presented which we call as Social Recruitment 2.0
  • Candidates will bargain great advantages from their profile popularity, unlike other networks and portals.
  • Candidates would be specifically empowered to follow those brands whom they wish to connect with
    Employers will get a chance to brand themselves absolutely free with unseen amazing offerings.
  • Employers will do real-time screening of application by spending least but with maximum rationality.
  • The HR Managers would need not to worry on how to find great talents, since TalentsIn will offer unique products (features) which if used intelligently and wisely may create your company the next Google and Facebook.
  • The cost of Talent Acquisition would ultimately be lowered down by 10x.
Seems like a promising platform for both talents and talent acquirers. The company currently expected its platform optimistic launch date somewhere around late February but wait, company is offering its pilot invites if you want to evaluate the service at initial stage.

Well what you are waiting for, give it a try.

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