T-Mobile Could Raise 5GB And 10GB Data Prices Starting From April 4th

Posted on Mar 27 2012 - 8:43am by Editorial Staff

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile’s about to hike the price on its 5GB and 10GB Promotional Bundles data plans, starting from April 4th. The currently available Classic 5GB and 10GB promotional bundles will be replaced with new plans and a $5 monthly rate increase. T-Mobile is enacting the price change in order to better align Classic and Value plan pricing which will help them achieve Value mix targets and the company’s financial goals.

This price will not affect any customers who have added the 5GB or 10GB promotional bundles prior to April 4th. There is no change to the price of the Value Plan data features. Customers can continue to save at least $15 per month with T-Mobile’s Unlimited-Premium Classic feature compared to similar features offered by competing national wireless carriers. T-Mobile will continue to offer the promotional offer on both the Unlimited-Premium 5GB and Ultra – 10GB Promotional Bundles features which comes at a price value of $19.98.

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