Symantec: Anonymous DDOS Trickled Into Installing Zeus Trojan

Posted on Mar 5 2012 - 6:59am by Editorial Staff

Hacker group Anonymous seems doing a lot of trifle in and around everywhere, claimed responsibility for many of the sites they hacked recently. Adding to this, further, on the day after US government takedown Megaupload on January 20, an unknown attacker slipped code from the infamous Zeus Trojan into the slowloris tool used by members of Anonymous to carry out DDoS attacks on websites.

Security giant Symantec details about this saying how some Anonymous users ended up with Zeus on their systems. On January 20, after modifying the Slowloris source to include code for the Zeus Trojan, the attacker changed a couple of Pastebin guides used to bring would-be DDoSers up to speed to show a new URL for downloading the Slowloris tool. The compromised download then replaced itself with a clean version of the tool to avoid detection.

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