Surprisingly Fun Team Building Events You’ve Probably Not Considered

Posted on Apr 5 2018 - 9:14am by Editorial Staff

As a business owner, you are constantly juggling all kinds of responsibilities, issues, and stresses. The bottom line is that you want your company to be successful, and for that to happen, you need to make sure the company runs efficiently and smoothly. A bit part of a company’s success depends on the employees. It goes deeper than just hiring the right person for the job, your team also needs to be able to communicate and work well together.

If you feel like your employees aren’t exactly in-tune with one another and working well together, then team building activities could be the answer. Team building activities can help break the ice with employees, allow them to get to know one another better, boost their performance as a team, and build on their communication skills.

Here’s a look at some fun team building activities and events that you may not have considered or known about.

An Escape Room Challenge

An escape room challenge could be exactly what your team needs in order to improve upon their communication and partnership skills. Breakout Games offers such venues as the Cincinnati Escape Room where participants are locked in a room and a timer is set for 60 minutes. Participants must then work together in a time-sensitive manner, finding clues, putting them together, and using them to solve the puzzles. It’s only then that they will be able to escape the room.

Employees will have a chance to work in a stressful situation together, where they are racing against the clock. This can mimic what high-pressure office-life is like, making it perfect for building team communication and cooperation skills.

Provide Fitness Sessions for Employees

There are many companies that are beginning to see the benefits of providing fitness sessions for employees. This could be a yoga class, an aerobics class, or even a walk around the neighborhood together. Encourage employees to feel relaxed and comfortable during these sessions so they chat with people in other departments.

Job Shadowing for a Day

Often, people look at their own job and see all its pros and cons and figure they have it harder than anyone else. Job shadowing for a day can be a real eye-opener in this sense. You can pair up employees from different departments and have them shadow each other for one day. Not only does it give them a glimpse into what others are doing but it also helps to make the company’s efforts clearer and more transparent.

An Employee Cooking Class

Cooking classes are a wonderful team building activity. You can put your employees into groups, making sure you offer a real mixture of departments. Groups can then follow along in a cooking class, working together to create something tasty. An added twist would be to have each group preparing a different dish so thatthe end result is a meal that the entire company can enjoy together.

Employee Bonding Can be Fun

These team building activities prove that employee bonding can most definitely be fun and filled with surprises.

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