Struggling To Get Visitors To Your Site? Here’s What You Need To Be Doing

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 6:52pm by Editorial Staff

Get Your Audience To Your Website

Find yourself wondering how you can get more visitors to your website? It’s actually one of the most common concerns that branding agencies in Sydney hear from clients who are frustrated by the lack of lead generation their website brings them.

Usually, there’s not much wrong with a site – it’s designed professionally, and the portfolio is overflowing with stunning work. But the site is kind of just sits there. Being ignored.

While it’s not easy to take a website from zero visitors to a few thousands in a month, it certainly is doable. Here’s what you should be doing to make sure your website stands out amongst your competitors.

Amazing Blogs

Now we’re talking about any old blog you can update when you have an event or new client or a new product to punt. Oh, no. Not a personal diary, either. Rather, the type of blog that really grab’s visitor’s attention with valuable, useful and sometime entertaining content – time and time again.

Think about this, instead of saying on your blog “here’s my most recent work,” what about phrasing it such:

  • “This is how I made it!” including videos or images
  • “The inspiration to it all!”
  • “You can make one just like it!”
  • “This gadget made my work easier!”

Now let’s talk opinions. Instead of burying them in long-winded paragraphs, make them loud and clear like this:

  • Kick off with a compelling headline
  • Devote the blog post to ONE idea – and nail it
  • Before writing ask yourself “so? Why would anyone care” and make that the basis of the post
  • Offer concrete examples
  • End off with a question that will invite comments

Remember to ask for subscriptions. Visitors that keep coming back are the best kinds so you need to build a loyal subscriber audience.

Giving Something For Nothing

Many professional branding agencies agree that obscurity is more of a threat than piracy. If people have never heard of you, they’re not going to bother to rip you off, never mind pay for your work. So take advantage of the spread-ability of the digital era and give something away of value – something that will encourage visitors to share their content. Here are some ideas:

  • A chapter of your latest novel
  • A free e-book or white paper full of extremely useful tidbits
  • A track from your latest album
  • A few high-res images
  • A design template
  • Tutorials
  • Useful videos

Borrowing An Audience From Someone Else

Why would you build an audience from scratch when there are many out there to borrow? It’s not unethical. In fact, many a blogger encourages sharing audiences which in turn points wider customer bases to your website, says SDirect, one of the leading corporate communication agencies in Sydney.

By writing high-quality guest posts for blogs that are popular in your market, you effectively place yourself on people’s radar – the type of people you want to reach. If you’re thinking “why would I want to write a post for free” – well consider payment as the numerous links back to your site that you will enjoy. Throw in a great offer and you could be looking at hundreds of brand new subscribers.

Make sure it’s your best work, by the way. It’s your chance to make a fabulous impression.

Get Content Circulation

Okay, so of the first three tips above, only one is really centred on your site. If you really want more visitors to your site, you’re going to have to go out and find them.

That’s where social networking comes into the mix. It’s not just for networking but the ideal platforms on which to post your content – be it reports, videos, blogs and so on. Make use of Facebook; Google+ and Twitter to share your amazing content.

Be generous while you’re at it and be sure to share other people’s content – authorities in your market. In so doing, you’re not only helping others but you’re positioning yourself, your brand, your company as the go-to people. The source of awesome stuff that people want and choose to follow.

Final Word

While none of these methods are a quick fix to getting more site visitors, if you put in the time and persistence, the benefits will be cumulative. Think of it this way: as your blog attracts subscribers and links, so your content starts circulating and you become a rising star in your market. That’s when you’ll start enjoying new hits to your site.

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