Split Test – A Guide To Lead Better Customers Engagement

Posted on Mar 4 2013 - 1:03pm by Editorial Staff

When designing your website, you can either choose to be the master of your site elements or let your readers decide the look they prefer. A ‘Split Test’ is a simple way to find which elements on your site are most engaging for your readers. Split testing allows your website’s pages to be seen in different versions, which will help generate data about their effectiveness.  And while it might sound like complex task, Split testing is quite easy and can be done as follows:

Choose page variables: Decide which page elements you want to change and keep their number to a minimum to get more out of your result data later. Basic elements that can be changed are text colour, font size, back ground colour, position of social media buttons etc.

Build page variations: Once you have decided your variables, create duplicate web pages by incorporating these changes in them and upload them to your site.  It does not matter whether you use a content management system or not for your website. Just save the new pages with a different file name.

Install Google’s Content Experiments Program: The third and most important part of the process is installing this program on your website. Signup for this program and include the pages you want to test. You can specify what percentage of your traffic you want to be exposed to this test. Setting this at 100% gets you results quickly. But this is a call you have to take.

Gauge the performance of the test: Results of the experiments get updated with Google Analytics automatically. Once you have generated enough data for your test, you should have a significant winner for your experiment. You can incorporate the changes right away to get more out of your audience. But using Content Experiment’s program is a nice way to bring continuous improvement to your website.

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