How Sophisticated Men Choose Their Electric Shavers

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 5:00pm by Editorial Staff

Shaving which is the act of removing hair from an area with the use of a razor or any other bladed equipment for the utmost intent of absolute removal or trimming is a practice that trumps culture, race, religion and time. Instruments used for shaving include the straight or safety razor used for manual shaving and the electric shaver used for automatic shaving. These instruments have evolved with the addition of several features to make them more efficient.

  • The electric shaver is, in particular, a personal favorite of many when compared with the razor blade. The reasons for this are:
  • Its’ use requires no lathering product like shaving cream or soap before its usage
  • It does not leave behind cuts and ingrown hairs after usage
  • It is more versatile than manual razors as it can be used to shave beards, facial hairs, mustaches, and sideburns
  • The time required to shave using the electric shaver is minimal as compared to that when using the manual razor.

As there is a continuous influx of the market with various brands of electric shavers, finding the best electric shaver: can take you a while. That is why we turned to the experts. Compiled below are what members of Shaver Guru, a platform devoted to sharing information about different kinds of shavers regard as 4 of the best shavers available:

  • Braun Series 9095CC: with an allocation of 4.0 stars of 603 reviews, this shaver is a foil type shaver which is equipped with LED lights and comes with a trimmer, a cleaning unit, a 50m battery and wet& dry abilities which can be set to user’s preference
  • Braun Series 790CC: this foil type shaver with a 4.4 star aggregate from 603 reviews, comes with a 50m battery, LED lights, trimmer, wet & dry abilities and a cleaning unit
  • Philips Norelco 9700: this rotary type product by PHILIPS was given a 4.0 star of all the reviews. It has a 50m battery, LED light, trimmer, we &dry abilities and a cleaning unit
  • Panasonic Arc 5: with a 45m battery, LCD lights, wet7 dry abilities, trimmer, and cleaning unit, this foil type shaver by Panasonic was awarded a 4.2 star after 603 reviews

Image by ShaverGuru

Please note, however, that this information is merely for information purposes. There can still be personal factors involved when making your choice.

In a situation where there are many choices to pick from, and you know not how to choose a shaver, you can consider the following points:

  • Distance to skin: if the required distance to the skin is minimal, then you can be sure that unpleasantness experienced during and after shaving will not be experienced. As such, your sensitive skin will be better protected.
  • Battery life: check the battery capacity as you don’t want to buy a product that would require frequent changing of the battery. An optimal battery life should be 18 months.
  • Slick design: if you care about portability and appearances, you will want to look out for this as you would not want a product that is too heavy to carry.

Whatever shaver you choose, ensure it is suitable for you and efficient in it’s’ duties of making you look like a well-groomed modern man.

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