Why Social Media Is Vital To A Blog

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 5:59pm by Editorial Staff

We have all got our favourite bloggers and vloggers, and take time out of our day to regularly tune in to listen or read about what is on their mind, what they want to talk about and what they feel we should be taking notice of. Think about recent big news stories or scandals: the chances are that your favourite blogger or vlogger put together a piece that explained their thoughts, how they thought the news story or scandal would affect the world and why they thought we should all be taking notice of it and either negating the subject or appreciating the subject. Running a blog takes a lot of hard work, time and commitment so when we read blogs, or listen to vloggers having their say, it is important that we realize how much their hobby (or career if they are popular enough) means to them – and whether we agree with their views or not, that we do not slate the bloggers for one post which we thought was poor or insufficient.

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There is a phrase which goes something along the lines of: all publicity is good publicity, and while that may be true, if a blogger or vlogger gets frequent or even consistent bad reviews or negative comments from their readers or viewers, then the chances are that these negativities will leave the blogger or vlogger feeling unconfident, embarrassed and maybe even feeling a tad depressed or anxious about uploading any new content for fear of a backlash. Therefore, if you are thinking about leaving negative comments, be sure that you do it in a way which gives the blogger or vlogger advice and sustenance in their creative skills.

While most blogs nowadays have been morphed into a fully fledged website, with no blogging URL attached (for example, it was common before blogs to look like this: www.bloggervlogger.blogspot.com) this does not mean that website blogs are necessarily better than others. If a person is uploading quality content it does not matter what their blog or website is called – good quality pieces will attract readers – and, regardless of what a blog or site looks like, bloggers use social media more than anything else to ensure hits on their sites or channels, and as long as their use of social media is relevant and engaging, people will listen.

Without social media, there is a pretty big chance that a lot of well known bloggers would not be where they are today. Actually, if there was not such a thing as social media, there would likely be no such thing as a blog, or blogging would not be as popular as it has become, as the two forms go hand in hand and compliment each other in a lot of aspects.

Whenever a blogger or vlogger releases new content, they turn to social media and either schedule posts, or post immediately after the content hits the web. When someone has a lot of followers on Twitter, the chances are that the followers will retweet or share the initial post from the blog, meaning more people will see the post and they will share it etc. Social media can lead to a domino effect.

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Social media also allows bloggers and vloggers to connect with their fans on a personal, immediate level which would not be able to form using any other sort of correspondence. When connecting with fans, social media can be a great way to show your appreciation for the people who support you. Even something as simple as leaving a ‘thanks’ on a comment that had been left on one of your articles could mean the world to one of your fans.

Social media allows bloggers and vloggers a different medium to reach out to their fans and connect with like-minded individuals. Also, everyone is one social media these days and the more an account is used and the more popular it is, the chances are that lots of people will be talking about it and becoming a fan by following your accounts or ‘liking them’.

Taking the time to develop and structure well groomed social media accounts can be extremely beneficial to a blogger or vlogger. If an account is cluttered with irrelevant posts, or with posts that are poorly written or use bad grammar to the point the post is intelligible, it will look bad. But if an account is tidy, presentable and characteristic then it can definitely help raise the profile of a blog or a vlog channel.

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