The Soap Opera Of EVE Online (Infographic)

Posted on May 28 2014 - 10:25am by Alexandra Ashton

The Soap Opera of EVE Online Main

You’ve seen so many Girls episodes and The Walking Dead episodes and you still feel like you’re not having enough of the alternative worlds available out there. If you feel nauseous, then you probably need to go live in another world. That’s just an idea. And there are tremendous options you can take as alternative worlds. You can imagine yourself being in Girls, as friend of Adam and Hannah and give in to their animalistic urges that Buddhist monks wouldn’t agree of. You can go to James Joyce’s world and live like the characters in his story The Dead and be enthralled by a love that’s like no other. Or you can live with Denis Johnson in his stories and believe that there’s a point in life more meaningful than you have made up for it. Or you can live the world in Eve Online.

It’s time to wake up. Go get some cup of coffee because there’s so many episodes of Girls to watch today and you don’t want to miss them all. They make you happy, feel inspired, pointful (that’s the opposite of pointless) and feel like you have a direction other than the ones you really doubt. But the good thing about not waking up is that you can still live in another world so much different from the discontented world you live in right now.

Another alternative world you can choose to explore is Eve Online. It’s massive. It’s multiplayer, social and better than the great worlds of your own imagination. Eve has scandal, like the TV series Scandal. It’s full of legends, and heroic histories and economic collapses that you can gloat on. That’s fantastic, considering nothing about it is actually real, so you can hammer in whole chunks of evil and still no one get hurt. Learn more about Eve Online in this infographic.

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The Soap Opera of EVE Online

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