Smartphone Apps A Vital Tool For Business Success

Posted on Dec 23 2013 - 10:27am by Lucie Kruger

Smartphone Apps

The emergence of smartphone apps has created new opportunities for people to use their regular hand-held devices in different ways. Today, even the business community has realized the plethora of benefits that smartphone apps offer, which they can utilize to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Before discussing about how smartphone apps can benefit your business, I am presenting here a list of top 3 free smartphone apps that can prove to be beneficial for businesses:

TextPLUS: You must have heard about video conferencing. Ever wondered that you can conduct a conference through text messages? Well, that’s possible with TextPLUS, an app that empower users to send text messages up to 20 people at the same time. This proves to be a great app for small businesses, as it allows them to communicate with their employees and colleagues, in a fast and economical way.

WhosHere: WhosHere is an ideal app, for businesses often looking for some networking solutions available within their local area. It is a location-based social networking app for iPhone, that connects people using queries, and then allows to make free calls or send text messages to the ones you further wish to interact.

Fring: It is difficult for a business owner to keep up to date about his or her social networking accounts, at once. But now, there is a viable alternative for you. Fring is a program that combines all of your messengers like IMs, Google Talk, Skype, and others into one mobile app, and bequeaths the advantage of chatting with multiple people in one place, even when you’re moving.

Let’s have a look at how Smartphone apps can benefit your business:

Increases Brand Awareness

A better and easy-to-use developed app can publicize your business as a brand in the market. With more and more consumers looking forward to getting in touch with their service providers, smartphones seems to be a feasible choice for you.

Engaging Experience

Today each and every user wish to have engaging experiences, and the advent of newer apps can help make your business more appealing to your customers. This eventually helps in proliferating the face value of your business.

A Useful Marketing Tool

Marketing is an integral part of any business and plays a huge role in helping your business prosper. If you are deprived of proper marketing tactics, then it’s difficult for you to create a proper awareness among your target audience about the business offerings. For instance, if you happen to own a business and are about to open a new outlet or going to launch a new product line, mobile apps can covey it to the end-users in a fast and effective manner.

Helps in Client Retention

In today’s changing world, wherein radical changes take place each day, retaining a client is a daunting task for any business. This is because clients are often looking to adopt newer technologies, that could provide them with multitude of opportunities to make their web experience worthwhile. Hence, having a mobile app that your client is searching for helps you to keep in touch with them, thereby retaining their interest in your business.

A Final Note

Smartphone app development market is mounting at a fast rate. Thus, for all businesses or organizations, whether big or small it has become imperative to expand their presence in the mobile arena.  Businesses need to focus on how to bring in more and more changes happening in the mobile world to improve their client retention ratio. This is because for dozens of users smartphones have become the next “In” thing, as it provides them with the ability to browse the web, and perform a plethora of tasks even when they’re on the move.

So, with increasing number of users opting for smartphones, the advertising strategies that mobile app provide help businesses in maximizing their reach to a large number of users.

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