“Smart Bins” – London City Implements Before 2012 Olympics

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 6:26am by Editorial Staff

Have you ever wondered a bin whose screens will display news from the Economist and stock quotes – if you not, then start thinking again as London got its first 25 units of such “Smart Bin” across the metropolis. Built by Renew, the bins are installed on the streets of London city with two LCD screens on its sides. The number right now is only 25 but the city plans to add 75 more before the 2012 Olympics starts.

Robin Hepburn, a senior member of the team at financial communications company Waughton told the MaiIOnline, “’There are currently 25 units (that’s 50 screens) around The City with a view to 75 more being installed between now and the Olympics. “ Those supplying content so far include the London stock exchange and The Economist. It would be nice to have a sponsor, like Barclays with the Boris bikes, but it’s not critical. ‘It’s taken at least five years to get to this point and we’re delighted to finally get them out on the streets.’

To build and install the bins cost around £30,000 which is large enough to contain a typical household regular wheelie bin. Over the course of their 21-year contracts they will cost Renew £500,000 each.

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