Skills Needed To Get a Data Entry Job In Delhi

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Busy Indian offices rely heavily on data entry professionals. Here, we will dwell upon all the necessary skills than employers are looking for when they open data entry positions. You will also find out more on how to search for such jobs, considering the fact that competition is severe.

Data Entry Specialists – Who Are They and What is Expected from Them?

Office environment creates multiple tasks that require entering information. That’s why, offices often hire data entry clerks that are responsible for a row of tasks. To perform these tasks, they are expected to have basic computer skills, be proficient in a language and possess advanced keyboarding skills. Such language skills as grammar, spelling and punctuation are vital here. Also, data entry clerks should be able to focus on detail and be alert, as well as decipher handwriting. Among other skills necessary for this job are strong interpersonal skills, patience and desire to help others.

Depending on the workload, data entry clerks may assist with some secretarial or administrative duties, like replying to office mail, answering phone calls. They should be able to use optical character recognition tools to facilitate a data entry process. Very often, they generate reports, analyse technical information, and fill in documents for wide distribution.

Data entry clerks enter or modify information with the help of such tools as MS Word, Excel or other software. You should also have sound knowledge of math, as you may need to use spreadsheet software for creating formulas. To receive needed knowledge, take basic math or ESL classes. If you are not a confident PC user, taking computer classes would also be a good idea. Don’t forget to practice your typing skills to increase the amount of words you type per minute. There also exist different data entry classes, including medical or legal data entry courses. They mainly focus on separate industries and give you deeper knowledge of the field. And don’t forget to practice audio transcription to boost your skills and enhance qualification. Remember, even if you don’t have past data entry experience, you can individually boost your chances of acquiring a good job with a good salary. will help you with your data entry job search in Delhi by this link.

You may also be required to work with the hard copy. That’s why, candidates are usually not required to have B.E. in a certain discipline. However, certifications and other training programs would be a plus to start your career as a data entry specialist.

Data Entry Jobs Compensation and Opportunities in Delhi

Entry-level specialist gets about Rs 112,495 per year. When their data entry qualification is enhanced, their salary reaches Rs 190,000 per year. If this is a part-time job, data entry specialists usually do not receive bonuses, paid leaves, etc. That’s why, it is important to clarify with your potential employer about benefits, medical insurance, retirement benefits, etc. In fact, employers often look for data-entry specialists for a part-time job, but not always.

Those who possess all the necessary data entry skills may consider applying for jobs in both public and private institutions. Some of their names are: Mukesh Brakelining, Unity Business Networks, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, HOV Services, Ministry of Urban Development, KSJ Business Solutions, Mukush BPO, and others. Your responsibilities within such companies may cover everything from filling in financial figures to entering e-mail addresses and even speech transcription.

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