6 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Exercising

Posted on Sep 3 2014 - 9:04am by Cherylann Mollan


So one fine morning, emboldened by rare streak of courage or the recent crazy crash diet you’ve put yourself on, you decide to set foot on the universally-dreaded weighing machine. However, when you glance down at the readings, your findings convert the fine morning into a disappointing and disastrous one in seconds. The shocking and highly annoying discovery makes you curse your crash diet and all the other kinds of diets you’ve ever come across and suddenly, just like that, your faith in gyming is restored. So, you decide to take that membership and hit the gym as soon as possible.

Hold your horses for a bit though! When you’re this charged up about gyming, you tend to jump into an exercise routine without giving much thought to safety measures and appropriate limits. However, in order to evade those muscle catches and sprains, there are a few safety pointers you should keep in mind. Eager to know what they are? Well, read on to find out.

Warm up to your Routine

Never skip your warm up routine, even on days when you arrive late. For many of us, this session is of little importance because it doesn’t have any of the ‘real’ exercises. Not true. The warm up session is just as beneficial and important as your workout session. Warm up exercises increase blood circulation and prepare your body and mind for the strenuous exercises in store. They also help prevent exercise-related injuries.

Every Breath you Take…

Matters. Yes, it’s important to breathe while exercising. Most of us unconsciously hold our breath when performing strenuous exercises. This will only make us feel tired and out of breath faster. So, remember to breathe when you’re working out. Also, ask your gym trainer to explain to you the right breathing technique for each exercise.

Tote the Essentials

Sometimes, we’re so eager to begin exercising, that we don’t stop to check whether we possess the essentials required for gyming, like the right kind of clothes, shoes and under garments. It’s also important to carry along a water bottle and a clean towel. To get a proper checklist of the items required for gyming, check out this article: 4 Must-have Gym Essentials for Men

Posture Alert!

Exercising can be tiring and very often, we slouch even in the gym. This is a disastrous habit as it can lead to several back problems, even permanent damage. So, always keep your back straight, even when you’re doing squats, lunges or upper body building exercises. This doesn’t mean that you have to hold your muscles tight. Let your body be relaxed and flexible, but don’t slouch.

Increase at an Even Pace

Some days we are so charged up that we exercise like Arnold Schwarzenegger on a sugar rush. We voluntarily do a couple of extra sets and add on heavier weights. I remember a friend who would pull off some insanely intense exercise sets if she skipped a couple of days or if she indulged in a junk food gobbling spree over the weekend. She believed that the rigorous workout would help her burn the calories she accumulated along the way. This is a very wrong approach because these erratic routines will only result in injury or a burn out. So, always stick to your routine, no matter what. If you wish to increase the intensity of your workout, do so gradually and over a period a time.

Know your Limits

Our enthusiasm to lose weight, build muscles and increase stamina quickly causes us to overdo our exercise routines. Even if we experience catches or pains, we push ourselves to continue exercising. This is something we should definitely stop doing because it is extremely harmful for our bodies. When you experience pain or tiredness, it is your body’s way of informing you that you’re not doing something right or that you’ve done enough for the day. Don’t ignore these signs and listen to your body. Call it a day once you’ve done as much as you can.

By following these pointers, you’re sure to enjoy safe, injury-free workout sessions. Apart from this, remember to eat well, sleep well and always listen to your gym trainer’s instructions. Stay active, stay fit!

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