Simple Methods To Sign Documents Without Printing And Scanning

Posted on Jan 6 2014 - 9:49am by Mrunal Khatri


When you have to sign a paper document you first need a copy of it, then you have to put down your sign on it with a pen, after which it will be mailed back to the recipient.  You might also fax the signed document or scan it and send it as an electronic copy through email. All these tasks are time consuming and when you have to do this for a large volume of papers it can become expensive. Now you can sign documents without printing and scanning by making use of electronic signatures. 

The Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures enable you to complete document signing quickly and send it instantly through email.  As a result, you can sign contracts faster and get business agreements completed quicker. If there is a good deal, using such signatures will help to seal the contract as soon as you grab it.

Once an electronic document is signed, all parties to the contract can be given a digital copy of it for future referencing. In addition to document signing, these applications offer additional features such as customized branding, PDF encryption, support for different document types, archiving, and online reporting.

Innovative electronic signature can be used from cloud servers and help you input your signature from not just a PC device but also from mobile devices like Smartphones, etc. You can find applications available in various languages; hence you can select one that is suitable for your country. 

Different Ways of Putting an Electronic Signature

There are many ways in which you can do an e-sign. One way that is very common is putting images of your pen signature on the document.  Another way is to type your name with every e-mail // or the /s/.  However, both these methods though valid are not as good as making use of e-signature applications. These applications enable you to quickly and easily put your sign on different types of documents. They have strong security measures in place to ensure validity of the electronic signature. They can directly reveal the identity of the person who has put down the sign and incorporate features which make their services compliant with the E-Sign Act. 

A Look at some Electronic Signature Applications

Electronic signature applications have made the process of document signing fast and efficient and are used extensively worldwide for document signing purposes. There are many electronic signature applications available in the market, but you should only select one that offers the best features.  Here is a look at the top three electronic signature applications:

1. RightSignature – It supports various signature types and can be used on different operating system platforms. In addition to document signing, it also offers document management facilities and incorporates good security features.

2. DocuSign – It enables you to quickly affix your sign to documents and exchange them fast.  It can be used on different operating systems and offers extensive document management facilities and about 50 countries make use of it.

3. CoSign – It can be implemented on various operating systems and has been designed to not just work from your system but also through a cloud server. It offers extensive signing and document management features that enable you to sign documents as and when required.

These are good document signing solution to take care of your general digital signature needs. In case you want a comprehensive solution that can be used to take care of digital signatures for your whole organization, you can use Signder which is a broader solutions offering more features.

Legally Valid

All these electronic signature applications can be used extensively and the signature input through them is legally valid. They comply with the E-Sign Act and have different features through which you can quickly and easily affix signs on various documents, thus completing signing tasks quickly.  They are available in small, medium, and large versions so that businesses can select one that is suitable for their specific requirements.

Not only do these applications help you affix your signature to the document but also assist in document management. Using these applications make your signature very secure because no one can fake your identity. By using them you can go paperless in all your document signing and sending activities.

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