Simple Design Ideas That Will Enhance Your Marketing Folder

Posted on Aug 1 2018 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

Presentation folders are a great marketing tool, but coming up with a unique design can be tough. While the outside of the folder is important because it invites people to check out its contents, the inside can be the deal breaker for the overall design.

Don’t be afraid to use a different folder cut styles, such as a serpentine cut. While a main pocket can continue the design from the cover, serpentine cuts also create interesting detail, just as they do in this example.

Business card slots also are a good way to change up the design. If you have a folder with a slot, consider using a custom slot to complement the design, such as a rounded notch, triangular cutout, or even a star. The expert designers at Company Folders put together the following infographic, outlining the different types of slots that can be used for any type of business card.

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