Showdown: Lanzarote Vs Tenerife Vs Gran Canaria

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 4:11pm by Editorial Staff

With over ten islands to choose from in Canaria, three of the most popular holiday destinations in the area are Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Since there is plenty of confusion about what to expect from these islands, here’s our guide to help you decide which of the three is best suited to you:



Lanzarote has a little bit of a reputation as being one of the more sedate of the Canary Islands. And while it is certainly tranquil during the daytime, it’s a different story when night-time falls. Coming alive with nightlife, the type of thing you get will depend on where you are on the island.

The south coast of Lanzarote is busy with all the nightlife action! Puerto del Carmen is home to many lively nightclubs, cocktail bars, and a casino if you fancy trying your luck on roulette wheels and gaming tables. Close to the harbour area, you will find even more restaurants and bars to keep you amused until early morning.

In Tenerife, you find a host of lively modern bars, best suited to those under 25. Nightclubs like Tramps often play host to international DJs sharing their favourite playlists. For those over 40,there are plenty of bouncing live music bars, where the likes of Tina Turner and Rod Stewart will never go out of fashion.

Starting late and going on all night, nightlife in Gran Canaria is noisy, lively and fun. Most bars open until 02.00 and nightclubs usually stay open until 06.00. Very little happens in Gran Canaria before midnight.



Here you are spoilt for choice, with all three islands awash with miles of beautiful coastline. Our advice would be to sample as many beaches as possible on whichever of these islands you choose.

Lanzarote has anassortment of natural beaches to the east of the Playa Blanca area, which is actually protected from development. Meanwhile, behind Playas de Papagayo, you will find the most beautiful natural beaches in Lanzarote, all of which drop gently towards a crystal clear blue sea. If you would to experience Lanzarote’s famous ‘black beaches’, try Playa Bastian. This features part sand, part volcanic rock, which lends it an unusual hue.

In Tenerife, some of the most family-friendly beaches include El Médano, which is a 2km stretch of golden sand sitting next to calm, shallow waters; making it perfect for windsurfing.

In Gran Canaria, some of its best known and busiest beaches include Maspalomas; with its large stretch of golden sands a wonderful sight to behold. Quieter family beaches include those at San Agustín and Amadores.



Lanzarote holidaysoffer a very tranquil getaway for holidaymakers who just want to enjoy sunshine and sea. It’s breathtakingly beautiful mix of bright white villages and dry, black volcanic rock make staying here a truly ethereal experience.

Tenerife has something to occupy everyone. As a result of a strong breeze coming in from the Atlantic, Tenerife holidays offer some of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing around. For those who prefer activities of a slightly lower impact, you can take your pick of theme parks andwaterparks. You can also take in historic sights, such as the excavations of the Pyramids of Güímar. And of course, let’s not forgetthe miles and miles of beautiful beaches.

Arguably the most misunderstood of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has an unfair reputation as the place of choice for tackier beach breaks and package holidays. Yet there is much more to this island than some may be aware. In addition to volcano landscapes, the island offers long (or short) walks and bike rides, nature parks, boat tours, water sports and more.

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