Set Bing Images as your Desktop Wallpaper

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 10:23am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pratibha is a technology enthusiast interested in analysing and reporting about different technologies.

The Bing homepage features a latest image day after day and present an innovative function called Bing Desktop that will download and place these pictures as your desktop background repeatedly. Consequently, if there’s a fresh image embellish the Bing website, your desktop wallpaper also changed. It’s just not a wallpaper changing application but also the main objective of the app is to offer you direct access to Bing devoid of launch the web browser.

Press the Windows Key + H keyboard shortcut and the Bing search box will come up right in the center of your screen. Your search queries auto-complete – just similar to the search box on the Bing website – and striking Enter will demonstrate the search results in your default browser. Bing Desktop is well-suited with Windows 7.

Once you download and install the beta release of the Bing Desktop, you’ll be greeted with two features. The first allows users to have their desktop wallpaper change to match the Bing wallpaper. It’s all done automatically, and the wallpaper itself will change each day, just like the real thing. Bing Desktop makes more sense if you think about it as a teaser for a new (if somewhat minor) Windows 8 feature. It’s currently available for download through Microsoft.

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