How To Send Information Over The Internet Safely

Posted on Dec 26 2016 - 10:56pm by Editorial Staff

Sending files as well as sharing information over the Internet today is one of the most common things people do daily. Basically, it is just impossible to live in the modern world without sharing your data with people over long distance. For this reason we all are simply forced to share our data over the Internet. But the big question is if it is safe?

Unfortunately the answer is “no” in most cases because professional hackers can get into any email and file sent over the Internet to get to your data without any problems. This does not seem like a big problem if you only send links to funny videos and interesting news to your friends, but it poses huge risks and problems if it is the case of your business and secret information. So how can you fight this issue without breaking the law?

Public/Private Key Encryption is one of the most common ways that people using Resilio tools advise. It means that you basically can encrypt your data when needed and no one will be able to decrypt the information unless knows the private key. This is a perfect option if you know that you can safely send the key to your partner or employee. Of course, you need to understand that both sides must have the encryption key without any exception.

Password-Protected .Zip Files: This is another great and common way of file sharing online. With the help of special software or program you will be able to archive your files and consequently send large files securely over the Internet. Furthermore, you can also install a password to access data inside of archives to improve security of the shared information. But keep in mind that .zip files passwords are not hard to crack, so if you need to send your business’s private information, make sure to use high-quality AES encryption. As a rule, standard zip software and programs support AES encryption which allows you to send large files securely without any problems.

Secure Message and File-Sending Services: Keep in mind that the era when the only way to share your information via email is gone, which means that you can look for some more advanced and modern possibilities. One of them is sending information with the help of a secure web site, and let the recipient simply download the data with the link.

You can find a great variety of offers online as well as offline. Make sure that when choosing a program your IT department checks the service and software on the example small and unnecessary files so that later you ware able to send private or secret large files securely.

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