Schemer On Google’s Activity Recommendation Service

Posted on Apr 30 2012 - 5:01am by Editorial Staff

Hope you know about the invite only Google service dubbed as Schemer – what interesting is that it has open its doors to all with an update to its Android application, reports Android Central. So far, the access has been only on invite basis. Invites to the service though are no longer required, and anyone can sign up, including right from within the app itself. It is all about Google’s activity recommendation service. Besides the Android application update, there is an ability to sign up now, a refreshed UI, a new homepage, with suggestions for schemes for here and now based upon your location, the time and even the weather. Search has been improved with a new search results page showing results from your schemes and other users on one page. You can also search for schemes to do while home vs nearby while you’re out and about.  There is a new profile page and a whole round of bug fixes. The concept itself is interesting; fitting it into your life could be somewhat difficult though. There’s a short video to be found that explains better, so what you are waiting for – intended to explore than bang away yourself.

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