SAP Announces Q3 2012 Results: Software Revenue Exceeds 1 Billion Euros

Posted on Oct 24 2012 - 11:36am by Editorial Staff

SAP today announced its third quarter 2012 earnings. The company reported increased software revenue of 17 percent. The company reported earnings of 618 million euros ($802 million) and earnings per share for the quarter were 0.52 euros, in comparison to a profit of 1.25 billion euros company made a year ago. Non-IFRS earnings for the quarter were 0.70 euros a share compared to 0.72 euros in the previous year, a 3 percent decrease.

Profit before tax was 822 million euros ($1.06bn) in comparison to 1.76 billion euros ($2.28 billion) in the prior year. The company further reported third quarter software revenue increased by 17 percent to 1,026 million euros ($1.33 million) while support services revenue increased to 2.1 million euros ($2.7 milion).

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