Samsung Vs LG Over OLED Tech Patent: LG Accuses Samsung Of Infringement, Asks Compensation

Posted on Mar 21 2013 - 8:17pm by Editorial Staff


It would be a laugh a loud scenario for all those who are covering or reading regularly about Samsung Vs LG over OLED technology patents. Yesterday only, Samsung dropped its OLED patent charges against LG, today the Yonhap News agency reported that LG accused back Samsung of infringing its OLED technology patents, demands compensation (sounds dazzled).

LG as of now has not provided exact number its planning for compensation but although it said to asked Samsung to come and discuss payment options. The legal battles are nothing new between tech companies, although it’s more like a tit for tat game where first once tried to push other at certain extend and when about to reach finish line will pull out completely. We will bring more updates as soon as story continues to grow.

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