Samsung VP Confirms Galaxy S III As Name Of Galaxy Phone Next Instalment

Posted on Apr 27 2012 - 5:46am by Editorial Staff

Samsung hit big with its recently announced quarter results with having a record break profit of $4.46 billion. The company during its Q1 2012 earning call has played coy with the name confusion of its long-awaited and soon to be released next version of Galaxy phone. The question strikes yesterday are that what the new Galaxy device name will be – is it Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S III, but senior VP Robert Yi confirmed that the name is Galaxy S III ending the long halted discussion.

An executive said that Samsung expects the phone to be the company’s “most successful smartphone ever,” and the device came up a number of other times during the presentation and subsequent Q&A session. Yi said that a global launch might be a possibility for the Galaxy S III, in case you’re wondering.

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