Samsung To Invest $3.9 Billion In A Chip Making Plant

Posted on Dec 20 2012 - 6:29pm by Editorial Staff

In August four months back, rumors are loud and clear that Samsung wanted to make a substantial investment in a Texan plant in order to boost chip production, and now according to Reuters, the United States officials have given the green signal towards the move. The South-Korean giant investing a total of $3.9 billion in the Austin chip-making plant, which will leads towards turning it into a profitable venture.

The new investment amount will make the total amount rounded to over $13 billion since from the time the plant was operated in 1996 for the first time. Counting on also, this is the latest rounded investment which joined a $1.98 billion investment the company bring for the construction of a new chip making facility in South Korea earlier this year.

Photo Credit: falfi.strife via photopin cc

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