Samsung Prices Its 55-inch Super OLED TV At Over $9,000

Posted on May 10 2012 - 10:17am by Editorial Staff

Back in CES 2012, Samsung had announced its 55-inch Super OLED TV which at that time said to be expected in Q2 but what the news coming up from The Associated Press is that the pricing of the OLED TV would be around $9,000. A Samsung spokesperson has informed the publication that the company’s Super OLED TV will cost “over 10 million won.” The AP cites the head of Samsung’s TV division as forecasting it will take at least two to three years until these HDTV-sized OLED displays break into the mainstream, both in terms of adoption and pricing. LG, whose similar 55-inch OLED TV is expected to retail at around $8,000 will be out very soon.

(Image Source: OLED-display)

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