Samsung Launches SAFE Program In Europe

Posted on Nov 7 2012 - 6:20am by Editorial Staff

samsung logo2 300x100 Samsung Announces Q3 2012 Results: Operating Profits Were $7.4 billion

To make a better fit for future, Samsung Electronics has launched SAFE program i.e. Samsung for Enterprise in Europe before the actual global roll-out will take place. The program that features security standards helping companies to find mobile devices those are safer to use. Counting on benefits, SAFE devices provide business benefits including advanced data features and device-based verification.

“Mobility has become an essential driver of corporate productivity and profitability,” said Jae Shin, VP of Samsung’s B2B Alliance Division. “However, many IT departments find that when it comes to testing the security of mobile devices, it is extremely difficult to evaluate the various platforms and products available. SAFE provides clear security features. It allows users, IT departments and app developers to work to a common standard.”

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