Samsung Files Up New Galaxy Smartphone Trademark: Emerge, Stellar, Halo

Posted on Mar 8 2012 - 4:54am by Editorial Staff

Samsung in an urge of giving a fresh competition to Apple – no we does not meant of fresh legal battle between the two, but we are talking about Samsung buying up new trademarks for its upcoming phone brands. The Korean giant has recently filed up applications for the Galaxy Emerge (serial number: 85558647), the Galaxy Stellar (serial number: 85558639) and the Galaxy Halo (serial number: 85558619) in the US on March 2.

With Apple unveiled its iPad 3 version yesterday, does it means that Samsung is in the full mood to take the “battle” to the next level. Samsung as we all know captures and covers up a potential smartphone marketplace and with the three new trademarks buyouts, it clearly indicates that Samsung is still no where lagging it, it is still in the competition and will no stone left to succeed.

(Image Source: Samsung logo, Featured Image)

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