Samsung Did The ‘Torture Test’ Or ‘Reliability Test’ Over Its Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Posted on Jun 13 2013 - 9:56am by Editorial Staff

To prove that something is really best, an individual or a company have to go in its best at every extend and this is what Samsung recently has done. Better called it as “torture test” in mango people language or “reliability test” in company’s own words, Samsung has tested the “reliability” of the Galaxy S 4 device.

Sharing a video – with some English subs – the Korean giant dropped, submerged and even baked the device to prove how much it’s reliable. In order to pass, the device must be in full working order although (interestingly) the company hide the results that whether the device passed or failed the test.

Samsung in its own words says, that the device is ”strong enough for the wear and tear of daily life”.

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