Russian Satellite’s 121-Megapixel Image Of Earth (You’ll Surely Love It)

Posted on May 14 2012 - 9:21am by Editorial Staff

We have been hearing of NASA-provided “Blue Marble” images of Earth from quite a longer time, but now moving a step further to explore more, Russian’s Elektro-L No.1 weather satellite produces 121-megapixel images that capture the Earth in one shot instead of a collection of pictures from multiple flybys stitched together. The satellite takes a full image of Earth from its stationary point over 35,000 kilometers above the Indian Ocean every 30 minutes, providing the material for the video below. The images have a resolution of one kilometer per pixel, and the one you see above was taken on May 14, 2011. Be sure to check a zoomable version of the image here to see the detail for yourself and be reminded of just how tiny we really are.

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