RSA Conference: Best Is To Recycle Hackers’ Talent Into The Companies They Attack

Posted on Mar 1 2012 - 9:07am by Editorial Staff

Rehabilitating criminals and that too mainly in the case of cyber criminals where they have got a specific skills are turned out to be a valuable asset for the companies who believe employing those very people would be a best bet since the companies are fighting against – This is what the center stage topic that hit during the RSA Conference going on in San Francisco.

Author Mischa Glenny said, “There is no rehabilitation structure for hackers.” Adding, “If your only skill is using a computer, and you’re not able to do that, I think that’s likely to put you back into the underground.” According to them, rehabilitated criminals like the one from hacker group Anonymous could provide real hacking skills into the team that will help the organization as well as businesses for the long run.

“Most of [Anonymous members] are minors,” said special agent Eric Strom of the FBI at RSA. “How do prosecute someone like that?” Considering when the FBI does minors involved in cyber crime, instead of handcuffing the person, they knock the door and do the worst, said Strom. He explained it as a “wake up call,” that the child isn’t actually up there doing homework. That they “need to be better parents.”

“We have a lot of skills out there with young people who are persuaded to go … to the dark side,” said Glenny, “But there’s a large grey area here. I think there ought to be a mechanism for bringing them in, to see if any of those skills can be used in a positive way.” Glenny says the result is that a lot of knowledge is going to waste.

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