Roulette – From Beginning To Lightning Roulette

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For centuries, men and women has been held spellbound at the Roulette table praying and wishing mother luck bestows her good fortune on them as the wheel spins. This game which requires no more than luck to play has been enjoyed by millions of players both offline and online.

But how did this great game start? Who invented the now popular, black and red strips, wheel?

Read on to discover the fascinating story behind one of world’s most popular casino game.

The myth

Just like with great inventions that dates back to antiquity, the actual account of how roulette or the first people to play the game is shrouded in mystery. There has been tales about how ancient Chinese where the first people to play a game related to roulette.

One of just story even goes as far as claiming that the game as we know it today was discovered by the Chinese. In the story, the Chinese has a board game that involves arranging 37 animal shapes into a magic square with numbers that add up to 666.

As the story goes, this long-forgotten game was rediscovered by Dominican monks who brought it to Europe but not without first making alterations to the gameboard. They swapped the square shapes for circle and created a space for zero. Unfortunately, up till today, no record whatsoever, that the ancient discovered this game has been found.

Another of the myths with no real facts to back up is that a form of the game was been played by ancient Greeks and Roman soldiers. Legend has it that the soldiers enjoy the game as a form of kill-time.

As the story goes, soldiers would in their spare time, mark the inside of a shield, put it face down and place an arrow next to it. They would spin the shield and bet on which symbol the arrow points at.

Just like with the Chinese tale, there’s no enough evidence to support this.

It all began in France

There’s enough evidence to suggest that Roulette was invented in France. By the 15th century when the enlightenment movement were beginning to gather momentum in Europe, Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, mathematician and inventor who was working on creating a perpetual accidentally discovered roulette.

From many accounts the game of roulette was played in Paris as early as 1796. However, the early version of the game has both a single zero and a double zero. It was not until 1843, that two Frenchmen, Francois and Louis, created a single zero roulette wheel.

This simple adjustment created quite a storm in Europe at the time and attracted business for casino houses. The single zero wheel means a lower house edge.

Roulette’s move across the great pond

As people migrated to the New Lands, they took with them their love for gambling and of course, roulette was among the games that made it across to America. New Orleans quickly became the gambling capital of America for the European settlers.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for roulette, as most casino houses wanted the extra edge which prompted the reintroduction of the double zero which eventually became the American Roulette.

As expected, patrons with time, lost interest playing the game but instead turned to other games where they can actually beat the house.

Roulette in the age of the internet

Roulette since its invention has seen a lot of changes. However, the biggest changes were the invention of the internet which means, people can play the game no matter their physical location.

Interestingly, players have a wide array of options to choose, they are no longer limited by the type roulette a house carries. Most online casinos have several types of roulette available for players to make their choice.

Online casino has also evolved to include live casino games which tries to replicate the intimate human-to-human interactions that was only possible at land-based casinos. It is possible to play in a live casino game online with the complete setup – a live dealer, an actual roulette wheel, other players and all the accessories that goes with offline roulette game.

Roulette today – a match to lightning roulette

Today, game houses, especially online casinos, keep innovating and creating new experiences for players. One example of this, is the introduction of lightning roulette like the one found in Unibet Casino which offers unique playing experience for gamers. Lightning roulette offers players a massive chance to make additional wins. The game can be played simultaneously by an unlimited number of players. Mind you, all the features of a regular roulette are present. However, a lightning roulette creates a whole new level of electrifying experience for players. In each game round, a bolt of lightning struck five luck numbers which increases the payouts between 50x and 500x.

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