RIM Not Ditching Physical Keyboards

Posted on May 2 2012 - 5:11am by Editorial Staff

With the Research In Motion during its recent keynote showcasing BlackBerry 10 Alpha device, the company showed off the virtual QWERTY keyboard that is mainly designing for BlackBerry 10. The keyboard itself long-innovative strings which can help the company change its future, involve better predictive software for word formation and even sentence formation. RIM spokesperson on-site at the event told Phone Scoop that “RIM is not going to stop producing devices with physical keyboards, despite its focus during the keynote on virtual keyboards.” He added:”The Company is all about offering users a choice, and pointed to its current device roster, which contains devices with both physical and virtual keyboards.” The spokesperson also noted that while the first BlackBerry 10 device might have only a virtual keyboard, future BlackBerry 10 devices will have virtual as well as physical keyboards.

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