The Right Way To Market Your Countryside Properties

Posted on Apr 21 2017 - 8:57pm by Editorial Staff

Countryside living is becoming more and more popular due to the numerous benefits it offers over the city lifestyle. Country living isn’t for everyone, of course, but it does require a specific set of skills in order to advertise properly. Health advantages are the most basic quality that realtors promote when they speak about countryside properties, but that isn’t the only advantage and there are other things you can point out that will help you make a sale.

So to turn your countryside projects from a bad idea into a lucrative investment, here are a couple of tips that you can use to upgrade your advertising and promotional materials.


Better mental health

We always talk about health benefits such as cleaner air when it comes to countryside living, but there are also mental health benefits that we rarely ever speak about. Scientists have shown that living in green environments have long-lasting positive effects on your well-being. This is mostly due to the reduction in anxiety and the reduced amount of stress that people experience in the countryside. Since life is a lot slower-paced in the countryside, it means that you’re not susceptible to the hustle and bustle of the city and you’re more relaxed. Similar studies have also revealed that living in green environments contributes to reduced stress and depression, meaning you’ll come home from work feeling refreshed, happy and with a lot less weight on your shoulders.

It’s a lot cheaper

Compare the price of cabins in the countryside to a single bedroom apartment in the city and you’ll see a massive difference. As realtors, when we advertise a property as having 7 bedrooms it’s usually associated with an incredibly expensive property. However, in the countryside, properties are a lot cheaper and you need to highlight this fact so that you don’t miss an opportunity. Make sure that in your promotional material you advertise the low cost of living in the countryside and how cheap the housing prices are compared to living within the city. If you’re able to nail this, then you’ll get a lot of attention for your rural properties.


Sell them the local community

When people move to the countryside, the first thing on their mind is how they can integrate with the local community. Countryside villages and towns are very close-knit. You’ll see the same faces almost every day, you’ll get to know shop owners and bartenders, and the environment is, in general, a lot more friendly because it’s not a fast-paced and on-demand lifestyle like the city.

Think of it this way, when you see someone in the street living in a busy city, do you ever stop to say hello to them? Most likely not. In fact, their face is probably forgotten the moment you turn the corner. The countryside is the complete opposite. People are friendly, they’ll wave at you, greet you if they notice you’re a new face, and ultimately become friends with you. Make sure you point this out as an advantage and highlight the friendly and helpful communities that live close to your countryside properties.

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