Reviewed: HideIPVPN, The Master In Letting You Hide Your IP

Posted on Feb 25 2015 - 9:03am by Editorial Staff


Do you get a little worried to wander on the internet because you are not anonymous? Do you think that the chat messages and voice exchanges you have on your computer are not safe from prying eyes? Well, you would not be completely out of line here, since your internet service provider (ISP) very well knows what you are up to on the internet. However, there is a way to block sending out information publicly and that is through a virtual private network or VPN.

A VPN service encrypts all the information that you send via their servers so that nobody can peep into what you are doing. Sticking to their service motto of keeping things anonymous for you, they do not even keep any logs of your activity on their own servers. A VPN will also block your IP address from the websites you visit, instead display an IP address of their own server. So, you can rest assured that all your internet activity is anonymous all the time. If you are interested in signing up for a VPN service, why not consider HideIPVPN.

With a network of 5 servers in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Canada, HideIPVPN is one of the most versatile VPN service providers available in the market today. You can choose to use the US server today or Netherlands server tomorrow or even the UK server in the next one hour and HideIPVPN will let you switch servers at your own whim and fancy. Contrary to popular belief, logging onto their servers is not a complex task but just a matter of a few clicks. Rather, you do not even have to enter the server’s IP address to get connected. Just select the country whose server you would like to use and click on connects and your VPN session will begin in a matter of few seconds.


Other than keeping your identity safe from others, a VPN also opens a new world of opportunities for you. Since you can switch to a VPN server in particular locale and assume a local IP address, in the digital world this means that you are present in that area and can access websites that might be available only to residents of that area. So, if you use a UK server, you can access the BBC iPlayer or Channel 4’s Video on Demand services or if you use the US server, you have access to Hulu and Amazon, Netflix and host of other US based sites.

All this is possible since HideIPVPN uses a SmartDNS engine that helps you access all these sites from the comfort of your house on your smartphone, smart TV or even your gaming console. Plus there is no limit on how much you are downloading, the bandwidth allocated to your downloading and the servers have a 99.99% uptime so there is nothing to hold you back.

HideIPVPN supports SSTP, Open VPN, SoftEther, PPTP and L2TP protocols for data transfer and therefore there are no limits on the type of data you might want access to. Unlike some internet providers who restrict access to software that allow torrent download, HideIPVPN has no such restrictions and offers the same download speeds for all data going through its servers.

HideIPVPN’s premium services come at an affordable price of $9.99 a month for a full access for all their servers and you can save almost $40 if you pay for the entire year. If you would just like to use this VPN for torrent downloads, then you can pay $6.99 a month or $57.99 for the year. For just gaining access to geo-restricted sites, you can sign up for SmartDNS services alone at $ 4.95 a month or signup for access to only one VPN server at $5.99 a month. HideIPVPN also allows you to try their wares for free for a limited time period! Sounds good? Isn’t, then try today.

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